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International Rental Business Leadership Program Information


Developing Leaders of Tomorrow!
Sharing business ideas and practices through a job shadow program

The International Rental Business Leadership Program is a partnership between the member associations of the Global Rental Alliance to advance leadership opportunities and increase worldwide awareness of the equipment rental industry. It allows young rental professionals the opportunity to live in another country for a few weeks to learn more about the rental industry internationally. The ARA Foundation facilitates the leadership program on behalf of the Global Rental Alliance.

The program develops industry leaders of tomorrow by providing:

  • Personal growth experiences, leadership development opportunity
  • International learning experience
  • Broadened view/understanding of industry
  • Cultural awareness
  • Language understanding; improved communication skills
  • Business practices, awareness and insight gained
  • Presentation of business ideas and thought processes
  • Exploration of different country, culture, people, language
  • International contacts

The hosting stores and hosting families benefit as well.

  • Learn from young adult’s job shadowing
  • Informed of business practices among participating countries
  • Demonstrate membership value in local rental associations
  • Interchange of ideas and thought processes
  • Understand program participant’s method of doing business
  • Benefit staff team, motivation for employees
  • International contacts
  • Personal growth experiences
  • Cultural awareness
  • Language understanding
  • International contacts

When asked their thoughts on the program all past participants said, “I highly recommend this opportunity to everyone. It is a great experience.”

All international leadership program visits are chronicled in by the participants. See the sidebar to access the participant's weekly entries.

International Rental Business Leadership Program Blog Archives

Participants chronicle their experiences traveling as part of the Global Rental Alliance International Rental Business Leadership Program.

2012 - Angie Venekamp - Australia

2010 -Brittany Haas - Australia

2010 - Matt Gordon - Canada

2009 - Michael Hayek — United States
2009 - Todd Daymont — Australia

2008 - Peter Maginnis — Australia