Brittany Hass

Brittany Haas- Nov. 12, 2010

The final week had its happy and sad moments. I had fun working with everyone at the front counter and going to the bank to handle some of the banking. I spent a bit more time in the offices asking questions and seeing how the paperwork is done and comparing the differences to how I do paperwork at our store in Minnesota. They have more to do by hand than what I'm used to so it was interesting to see how it was all done. I pretty much knew what I was doing; still asking lots of questions but the lingo was becoming normal for me to use. “How you going?” was becoming natural to say and actually still is. I've been back home in the United States for about 3 days now. Tomorrow is the first day back at work so we'll see how long it takes for me to say Camden Hire instead of Crown Rental. I only managed to say Crown Rental once for my entire stay.

I was able to celebrate my birthday this past week in Australia. The Scarce family and I were able to make the Harbour Bridge Climb that day. It was absolutely amazing! We celebrated my birthday back at the house with the whole family with not only me receiving gifts, but them as well. I brought everyone a little something from Minnesota to say thank you. I had the best birthday I could have asked for that day with my new family! The following day everyone at work presented gifts and happy birthday wishes if they didn't see me the day before. I'm actually really sad to be at home right now (the snow isn't helping my case) it was a trip of a lifetime. I wish I could have stayed longer to learn more and see more and just be with everyone longer! I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone again in Vegas in a few short months! The connections made and the experiences I had are priceless. Everyone back home keeps asking me what it was like and for me it was like being home, just in a different country. I miss everyone heaps and am looking forward to saying G'day mate to someone tomorrow at work!! Thank you again to the ARA and GRA for this opportunity!!!


Brittany Haas - Nov. 7, 2010

This has been a very productive week. I was able to go on a few deliveries and observe how Camden Hire’s process works on the road. It's amazing to see how some things would change once we arrived, how adjustments were made and why communication is so important. I watched a software demonstration on a new system they are looking at purchasing. That was very interesting to participate in since I know their current system and the one we use at Crown Rental. The new system looks like it will work for them quite well if they decide to purchase.

We traveled to several different hire stores and I was able to see some of their set ups. We went to YES events and met up with Neil Wallis, current president of HRIA. It was great to see how his store was laid out and then to see one of the job sites that his store was working on. I was able to go to a Kennards branch and see their set up as well.

Sunday we had lunch with Phil Newby, HRIA CEO, and his wife along with Neil Wallis and his wife. It was nice to meet all of them and get to know them. We're all looking forward to seeing each other again in Vegas!

I leave for home this week. This has been an outstanding experience.

Brittany Haas - Oct. 31, 2010

This was a very productive week. I spent one day this week learning how Camden Hire sets up party events with the party crew. It was really amazing how they do things. I went out to an event site to inspect it and chat with the client about what all the options were and what all could be done. I then went back and wrote up a few different quotes for the client to look at. I also was able to go with Mark, the owner, one day to look at a hoecker and see how it is set up along with the flooring and a complete party set up.

As it is the end of October, I spent some time in the office Friday observing everything that occurs to prepare for month end. Their computer software is different from ours so that was a good learning experience. Camden Hire’s party and event inventory is moving to a building across the way so I was able to assist with that effort and to help get things organized.

My time is flying by fast. I have learned so much and am enjoying every minute. This is a great experience and I wish I had more time to spend here.

Brittany Haas - Oct. 22, 2010

What an amazing experience this has been since I landed in Australia. I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity. I am staying with Mark Scarce and Camden Hire in Camden, Australia.
I had a pretty productive week this past week seeing both of the locations that Camden Hire operates the day I came in. Everything seems to be pretty similar to what I'm used to equipment wise back home, just called something different. That's really throwing me for a loop, but I'm slowly learning the lingo. Everyone tends to get a good laugh when I actually say something the way they normally say it. The computer system here is different from what I'm used to, but I'm hoping that by the end of this week I'll have it figured out. I'm on the phones a little bit, but I'm still having a hard time following accents, as I’m sure they struggle with mine. Day by day I'm getting better with everything and catching on pretty quick.
We went to try the Harbour Bridge climb on Saturday, but ended up getting rained out so will try again sometime later this week. The Camden Hire crew went out for dinner Friday night after work. I enjoyed spending that time with them. It's been a great first week. The Scarce family makes me feel right at home and very comfortable.
I am looking forward to a busy next few weeks and will keep everyone posted on my experiences.